ChatGPT Domain Sells for 139x Its Initial Price; ENS Prices Rise

• ChatGPT’s ENS domain sold for 139x of its initial sale, despite a decrease in registrations.
• The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) benefited from the rise of ChatGPT, and its token price increased by 2.15% in the last 24 hours.
• Microsoft’s actions could continue to have an effect on the crypto ecosystem due to increased AI adoption.

ChatGPT’s ENS Domain Sale

The chatgpt.eth domain sold for 6 ETH on OpenSea, which represented a 139x increase from its original sale price. Despite this, registrations remain in shambles due to an increase in 24-hour trading volume. As a result of ChatGPT’s success, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) tokens have also seen tremendous value increases.

Domain Sales Spike

According to data from the NFT marketplace, “Ishmilly” was the seller of the domain and “LongDuck” was previously owned it for 0.043 ETH. At press time, the asset was worth around $10,000 when compared to Ethereum market prices. This has caused ENS‘ collection volume to rise 46% within 24 hours and become one of the top domain sales standings despite a 335% increase from another collection.

ENS Price Increase

CoinMarketCap data revealed that ENS‘ token price has picked up a 2.15% increase within 24 hours with a 20.26% trading volume increase too – meaning more tokens were transacted than the day before regardless of profit or loss accrued..

Microsoft Impact

It is possible that Microsoft’s actions may continue to affect crypto ecosystems as they are taking steps towards increasing AI adoption rates worldwide – making it easier for people to utilise AI technology across different applications and use cases..


ChatGPT’s success has had a positive effect on other cryptocurrencies like Fetch Ai [FET] and SingularityNET [AGIX]. Additionally ,Ethereum Name Service (ENS) tokens have seen increases in value and their token price has picked up 2%, along with an increased trading volume of 20%. It is possible that Microsoft will continue to influence crypto ecosystems as they move forward with their plans for AI adoption across different applications and use cases