Altcoin Blur Soars as NFT Debut Sparks Token Frenzy

• Blur [BLUR], the popular NFT trading platform, recently experienced a surge in trading volume and transaction count.
• The surge was likely linked to the recent debut of Azuki Elemental on Blur’s marketplace, which achieved an impressive volume of over 8,000 ETH in the last seven days.
• As of writing, Blur’s Total Value Locked (TVL) stood at over $160 million with its daily volume exceeding 2,000 ETH.

Altcoin Blur Witnesses Surging Activity

The popular NFT trading platform Blur [BLUR] has seen a notable increase in activity lately as its trading volume and transaction count have surged. This is likely due to the recent debut of Azuki Elemental on the platform which has been highly successful and achieved an impressive volume of over 8,000 ETH within the last week.

NFT Debut Sparks Token Frenzy

The release of Azuki Elemental on Blur’s marketplace has sparked a frenzy among traders who are eager to get their hands on this highly sought-after token. As such, Blur has seen its highest monthly trading volume as well as a peak in transactions on 27 June with more than 13,000 transactions being recorded that day.

How Many Are 1,10,100 BLURs Worth Today?

At present, 1 BLUR is worth around 1.5 ETH while 10 BLURs are worth roughly 15 ETH and 100 BLURs are valued at approximately 150 ETH respectively. Additionally, Blur’s Total Value Locked (TVL) stands at over $160 million as of writing with its daily volume surpassing 2,000 ETH.

Emperor Osmo Shares Update On Recent Activities

Emperor Osmo recently shared an interesting update regarding Blurs recent activities including its highest trading volumes since April as well as reaching 30,000 ETH in one day alone on 27 June. Furthermore 28 June marked the third-highest trading volume for the platform since April totalling 23k+ETH traded that day alone.


In conclusion it appears that excitement surrounding Azuki Elemental’s listing on Blur has caused a massive surge in activity for both trades and transactions associated with this NFT token resulting in a higher total value locked within the platform currently standing at 160+million dollars as well as daily volumes exceeding 2k+ETH